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Visiting Rebbie Carleton in Vermont

By Nancy Walkup, posted on May 26, 2014

Last week I found myself in Vermont and realized that Rebbie Carleton's school must be nearby.

Rebbie is the 2014 NAEA Eastern Region Art Educator of the Year so I was eager to see her art room at Randolph Elementary.  I had a hunch it would be spectacular. Even though I gave her little notice, she was very gracious to welcome us to her school (and so near the end of the year). Her room was fantastic, with lots of collaborative projects visible and student art everywhere. It was clear that lots of artwork was going on.
Rebbie and I in front of a collaborative piece based on the artist Archimboldo.
Randolph Roosters
Rebbie's great setup for discussion and sharing. Wish my art room had been like this!
These were little gnome or fairy houses in progress.
Lots of collaborative projects were displayed around the room.
Note the golden crayon as an award system. I had a golden paintbrush I used to give to the best behaved class of each week.
More collaborative projects.
In the hall way by the office.
Rebbie was a good sport as we asked her to pose for pictures. Isn't this great?
Also by the office were these five felted artworks that show the five season in Vermont. (The fifth is the mud season!) 
Thanks, Rebbie, for letting us stop by!