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Visiting Oaxacan Master Weaver Nelson Perez Mendoza in Mexico

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Mar 19, 2015

During our SchoolArts/CRIZMAC Folk Art & Culture of Oaxaca, June 26–July 2, 2015 trip to Oaxaca this summer, we'll visit the workshop of weaver Nelson Perez Mendoza. He has an amazing weaving studio where the yarn is carded, spun, and dyed with natural materials and woven into unbelievably beautiful weavings of all kinds.

Nelson is here showing the dried cochineal insect (in the bowl) used to create a brilliant red dye.
His studio can weave enormous rugs on this oversized loom.



The rugs are amazing!

Here Nelson is showing the natural materials sources that are used to dye yarn in different colors.






Nelson demonstrates carding the wool in preparation for spinning.





The yarn is carded, spun, dyed, and woven here.




When the cochineal is crushed, its beautiful red color is revealed.


Nelson here shows how the yarn appears when it is added to the prepared dye bath. (We couldn't believe he was wearing white pants!)




Our group was enthralled by Nelson's presentation that showed every step in making weavings.




One of Nelson's master weavers working on the big loom.



Some examples of the work produced here.



We did make quite a mess of things but Nelson didn't mind. I can't wait to be there again this summer. To learn more and/or to join us, you'll find more information at this link.