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The Santa Fe Recycled Art Festival: Part One

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Dec 4, 2016

Today was the first time I've had a chance to go to the Santa Fe Recycled Art Festival as I was always teaching before at this time of year. We were making a quick scouting tour to get an overview first and immediately came across some old friends, Marion and Chiefy, who were sharing a booth.

This is one of Marion Martinez's's works, made from recycled computer parts. We have often had Marion and Chiefy come and present workshops for our summer Santa Fe seminar, Tres Culturas.
Chiefy, Nancy, and Marion
We spent so much time talking to our friends that we ran out of time to see everything. These beautifully painted suitcases caught my eye.
Everything is this booth was made using postage stamps.

We did make a new acquaintance, Bette Booth, who called her booth Splash Trash Tour. She had a well-planned educational booth set up to help people learn about trash in the ocean.
 She had some interesting pieces made from objects pulled from the ocean.
Bette had a series of photographs with single objects set on them, challenging the viewer to find the object in the photograph taken where she found it. Most of the small pieces you see in the photo are tiny pieces of plastic that has been in the water for some time.

Since Bette also lives in Santa Fe, I look forward to getting to know her better and to plan an article about her project in SchoolArts Magazine.