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The Coe Center for the Arts: A Hidden Gem in Santa Fe

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Apr 18, 2018

Today the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association was given an enlightening tour of their collection by Director Rachel Wixom. The Ralph T. Coe Center for the Arts is a hidden gem in Santa Fe that more people need to experience. The Coe has an open house on the first Friday of each month in the afternoon, but you can call to visit or get a tour at any time. Call them at 505-983-6372 and check out their website at


There is an entertaining pop-up show on display, Humor is the Best Medicine, curated by Teri Greeves and Ken Williams. This piece is Happy Cowboy on a Horse, by Mamie Deschille, Navajo.


 Teri Greeves, Kiowa, contributed this piece, Let's Dance.

Sponge Bob is featured in several pieces, such as this Sponge Bob and Friends Corn Dance, by Jason Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo.

 Hippie Couple, by Janice Ortiz, Cochiti Pueblo

 Kidney Special by Teri Greeves, Kiowa

The Coe Center is an open storage collection, displayed much as a collector might in his or her own home. These pots were a recent donation.

Items from multiple cultures are displayed together on open shelves. The collection is of indigenous artwork from around the world.

 Wall display

The first piece that greets you inside the door is this wonderful totem, previously displayed at Coe's Santa Fe house and then the Institute of American Indian Arts.


 Rachel's office

 Rachel's office.
 Pueblo Canteen
 Coiled Basket





 Upstairs display
Upstairs display
Admission is free. Call ahead to arrange a tour or visit at 505-983-6372.