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Folk Art Extravaganza: What We Did Today

By Nancy Walkup, posted on Jul 11, 2014

At our Folk Art Extravaganza in Santa Fe today, we started out by introducing our hands-on activities.

In the afternoon, Tricia Stoddard, the representative of  Ralli quilts from Pakistan at the Folk Art Market, came to talk to us and show her some pieces from her personal collection of quilts from Pakistan. She is representing Lila Handicrafts, a woman's cooperative in southeastern Pakistan.
This detail shows the intricate embroidery and appliqué on one of the quilts.
Lila Handicrafts is a cooperative of women from a small village in the Thar Desert region of Pakistan. The women make colorful ralli quilts, patterned textiles made of old cloth from discarded clothing and household fabrics.
Another amazing quilt.
In Pakistan these quilts are used as bedding, with special ones made for weddings. Beds are wooden frames strung with rope. One quilt is used to cover the bed and one to cover the sleeper.
A detail from another quilt.

Lila Handicrafts has been at the Folk Art Market every year it has been open. This cooperative is responsible for bringing better living conditions for the women and their children and allowed them to establish a school for both boys and girls, named the Santa Fe Desert School. We look forward to visiting their booth tomorrow at the Market.