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President’s Letter 

Julian Davis Wade and Wyatt Wade
Julian Davis Wade, Vice President, and Wyatt Wade, President of Davis Publications.

A Remarkable Journey and a New Beginning!

2016 will be a really special year at Davis for many reasons, but one is uppermost in my mind. In July, Julian Davis Wade, my son, will succeed me as President and Publisher.

Julian began working here in the Davis Art Image Division when he was 15 years old. Later, in college, he double majored in studio art and geography. After graduating and working elsewhere, he returned to Davis in 2011 and worked his way up, beginning in Customer Service. Since then he has been particularly focused on developing our Davis Digital platform, and working with K–12 art educators across the country that are using the platform and our eBooks.

Julian’s mother and my wife, Erika Davis Wade, is a fourth generation Davis family member to be involved in the company. She is a company owner and member of our Board of Directors. In addition, she oversees the ten-year-old Davis Art Gallery that provides a curated venue for artists to show their work in downtown Worcester.

Julian is the fifth generation of the Davis family to be involved in the company. We are proud of this transition because it means the Davis family will continue its company’s mission to advance the quantity and quality of art education for all. It also means we remain the oldest family-owned educational publisher dedicated to the visual arts.

I am proud that I am leaving the company in a strong position. Davis continues to publish the highest quality content now in multiple formats, including one of the most advanced educational digital platforms available. The company’s financial position is strong, which means it can continue to grow and prosper. I feel so fortunate to be leaving a solid legacy and great future for Davis.

I appreciate all the support from so many of you who have helped Davis and me during my 37 years. I am confident that Julian and Davis will be just as lucky as I have been to benefit from such extraordinary support. I feel extremely blessed to have been a part of Davis’s remarkable 115-year journey.

Wyatt Wade / President