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Davis Publications
The Publications division acquires, creates, produces, manufactures, markets, sells, bills, accounts for, and ships all of Davis’s textbooks, ancillary materials, and resource books. Davis Publications has been in existence since 1958.

SchoolArts Magazine
SchoolArts is Davis’s monthly magazine, published September through May, for teachers of the visual arts. It has been in continuous publication since 1901. SchoolArts publishes articles, the majority written by art educators themselves, that describe innovative teaching ideas, provide background on contemporary and historical artworks and artists, and promote the best art teaching practices from the United States, Canada, and around the world.

Davis Art Images
Working with museums, artists, and photographers, Davis offers high-quality, digital images and slides to educators from pre-K through the college level. Originally Rosenthal Art Slides of Chicago, Davis acquired the company in 1995 and brought its staff and equipment to Worcester, where it was easily integrated into our core business. Today, the Davis Art Images archive consists of tens of thousands of fine art digital images and slides from throughout history and around the world.