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Discovering Drawing, 3rd ed.

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Drawing Assessment Teacher's Guide

Teacher’s Guide Features
•  Comparisons of details in the Levels I, II, and III drawings to those of the Expert Level IV
•  Easy-to-use score sheets to help students assess their work
•  A copy of each wall chart for students to use at their desks

Table of Contents
Introduction to the Program
CHART A: Visual Field
Three-Dimensional Area: Overlapping, Base/Ground/Ridge Lines, Specificity, Cropping
Two-Dimensional Area: Size of Objects, Multiplicity, Empty or Void Areas, Placement
CHART B: Shape
Basic Shapes: Convexity, Specificity, Axis, Technical Qualities
Proportion: Specificity, Internal Ratios, Distortion, and Ratios Between Objects
Continuity and Regularity: Curves, Angles, Symmetry, Technical Qualities
Structure: Natural Structure, Anatomy/Surface Detail, Wrinkles and Folds, Parts/Corners and Edges
CHART C: Value
Local Value: Outline/Value Contrasts, Range of Values, Accuracy/Corners, Technical Properties
Variations: Dark Outlines, Local Values, Variations
Irradiation: Dark Outlines, Local Values, Variations, Irradiation
Aerial Perspective: Detail or Texture, Value and Dimension, Sequential Change, Number of Elements
CHART D: Dimension
Linear Perspective: Converging Lines, Vanishing Points, Consistency, Foreshortening and Angle
3-D Objects: Convexity, Specificity, Angle of View, Technical Qualities
Contour Lines: Foreshortening, Overlapping and Congruity, Specificity, Technical Qualities
Size and Placement: Foreground Cropping, Middle Ground, Background, Congruity
CHART E: Light
Light and Shadow: Dark Outline and Local Value, Lighting Effects, Consistent Lighting, Technical Qualities
Texture: Dots and Lines, Shapes and Values, Variation, Structure
Reflection: Surface Texture, Lighting Effects, Reflections, Continuity/Surfaces
Transparency: Lighting Effects, Transparency, Reflections

This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter of the Experience Painting Student Book and Teacher Edition to give you a complete view of the lessons and teacher content provided in the Davis Studio Series.