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Explorations in Art, Kindergarten

Explorations in Art, Kindergarten, eBook Class Set with Davis Art Images Subscription Zoom
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This eBook Class Set includes a 6-year license and 30 student accounts.

Other eBook Class Set options include 4- and 8-year licenses. For pricing on other options, please call 800-533-2847 or email ContactUs@DavisArt.com.

Explorations in Art, Kindergarten, eBook Class Set with Davis Art Images Subscription
Your eBook Class Set purchase includes:
•  Student eBook
•  Teacher Edition eBook
•  Teacher Resources (digital), including downloadable and customizable assessments
•  ePortfolios for teachers and students
•  The Curriculum Builder
•  6-year license
•  30 student accounts
•  Subscription to Davis Art Images included
•  A one-year print subscription to SchoolArts magazine, plus access to the digital edition of SchoolArts for the length of your Davis Digital license

Kindergarten is different and we know it. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, only Explorations in Art combines a solid foundation in how to use tools and materials with the delight of exploring materials, developing skills, and inventing new ways to create.

What is Reggio Emilia?

What makes Explorations in Art Kindergarten the best possible resource for your Kindergarten curriculum?

Big Book Features
•  Large, engaging fine art images begin each lesson
•  Each lesson includes clear, how-to illustrations to support studio explorations
•  Students learn critical fine and gross motor skills, such as how to hold and use a pair of scissors
•  Student discovery and exploration of materials and strategies are included in each lesson
•  Units are organized to encourage exploration across the curriculum, including art studios that connect to science, math, and engineering concepts

Teacher Edition Features
•  Classroom-tested management techniques specifically for Kindergarten students, including specific demonstration strategies
•  Compelling student art work and works-in-progress, including student narratives about their process
•  Helpful teaching tips on safety, differentiated instruction, observation, and assessment

Student Book Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Thinking and Working as Artists
Unit 2: One Subject, Many Media
Unit 3: Transformation
Unit 4: Exploring Clay
Unit 5: Line Printing
Unit 6: Design
Unit 7: Sewing
Unit 8: Animals
Unit 9: Color
Unit 10: Buildings and Cities

This video provides an overview of Davis Digital’s features and functionality, as well as methods for integrating digital instruction with your hands- on curriculum.

This comprehensive video takes you through a complete chapter of the grade three Student Book and Teacher Edition, providing a complete overview of the lessons and teacher support provided in Explorations in Art.

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