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Crafts: Contemporary Design and Technique

There is something for everyone in this well-rounded sourcebook for creative crafts exploration. Work with paper, fiber, clay, glass, leather, metal, and scrimshaw, and examine crafts development from utilitarian objects to works of art throughout.

n 192 pp., 384 ill., 24 c.

Table of Contents
1. Paper: Manipulating Paper, Handmade Paper, Papier-Mache
2. Fiber: Weaving, Natural Dyeing, Tie-Dyeing, Batiking, Stock Figures, Fabric Blueprints, Color Xerox Transfers, Felting, Basketry
3. Clay: Pinch Pots, Slab Construction, One-Piece Molds, Coiled Forms, Wheel Pottery, Glazing, Firing
4. Glass: Fusing and Slumping, Stained Glass, Enameling
5. Leather: Wet Forming, Tooling, Lacing and Stitching, Machine Sewing
6. Metal: Texturing Metal, Stamping, Twisting and Braiding Wire, Sawing and Piercing, Soldering
7. Scrimshaw

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