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Detailed instructions cover the full extent of the maskmaking medium, from simple paper-plate and paper-bag masks for young children to complex plaster and clay applications for older students, teachers, performers, artists, and craftspeople.

Photos of finished masks and a section devoted to finishing and decorating techniques inspire inventive treatment of basic maskmaking applications.

A complete list of suggested materials is included, along with suggestions for employing masks as a creative teaching resource. You'll be sure to find uses for this book as varied as the many faces you can create.

Table of Contents
1. The History of Masks
2. Easy-to-Make Masks
3. Plaster Masks
4. Clay Masks
5. Laminated Paper Masks
6. Papier-Mache Masks
7. Buckram Masks
8. Wire Masks
9. Celastic Masks
10. Finishing the Mask
11. Exploring the Mask with Children

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