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Jackson, Alexander Young (Canada, 1882-1974)
Jackson was an influential member of a group of Canadian landscape painters. Every year he made field trips to rural areas to sketch scenes that he later painted in his studio.

Jacobsen, Arne (Denmark, 1902-1971)
Jacobsen summed up his design philosophy with the words 'Economy plus function equal style.' His architecture and designs for chairs combine a sculptural elegance with attention to details that are important to people who use his designs.

Jahn, Helmut (Germany/United States, b.1940)
Jahn is responsible for constructing the American Airlines Terminal at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Large glassed spaces bring light and provide a sense of constant movement and dynamism to the structure. The long route from gateway to baggage claim is made less boring by walkways with cheerful blinking neon lights and pleasant chiming sounds that are activated by passersby. Jahn has also designed several skyscrapers in major American cities.

Jean (Hans) Arp (Germany, 1887-1966)
Jean Arp made collages by cutting bits of paper and floating them to the floor. He made the accidental arrangements permanent by gluing them to a sheet of paper. His biomorphic (stylized and organic) shapes and scenes suggest visual images but are often whimsical. Such unplanned work was a protest against both the design quality and the emotional expression of previous styles of art.

Jefferson, Thomas (United States, 1743-1836)
Jefferson, an amateur architect, studied in Europe and brought the organization, proportion, and simplicity of the Classical Revival style to the United States. He designed the University of Virginia, the State Capitol in Richmond, and his own home, Monticello, in Virginia.

Jeffreys, Charles William (Canada, 1869-1951)
Jeffreys, born in England, was a muralist, landscape painter, and historical illustrator for Canadian books and magazines. His watercolors and drawings have been used in numerous books about Canada, including history books for schools.

Jiménez, Luis (United States, b.1940)
Jiménez, a Mexican American, portrays facts and myths from his culture in bronze and molded fiberglass sculptures. His expressive style centers on folk heroes, ordinary people, and important cultural symbols from Latino and Anglo cultures.

Johns, Jasper (United States, b.1930)
Jasper Johns uses many abstract expressionist painting techniques, but his subject matter is as common as the American flag, targets, numbers, and beer cans. Johns presents things that are often looked at, but seldom seen in detail. In Numbers in Color, he shows ordinary numbers. The complementary colors of blue and orange cry out for recognition as they seem to vibrate forward from and backward into the canvas. The overall effect is one of texture and pattern, but within that context, the individual numbers are the subject matter.

Johnson, Joshua (United States, c. 1770-1825)
Little is known about Johnson, who was the first prominent African-American artist in the U.S. He lived most of his life in Baltimore and probably taught himself to paint. Johnson painted wealthy citizens, which he usually posed in front of drapery or a landscape framed by a window. He paid great attention to details, such as buttons and lace. Two of his portraits are of African Americans.

Johnson, Philip (United States, b.1906) and John Burgee (United States, b.1933)
As principles of an architectural firm, Johnson and Burgee were responsible for some of the most advanced thinking in major projects in the United States. Instead of simply designing glass boxes, they used different solutions for different clients. Penzoil Place in Houston is a dramatic example of this new direction. The dark color, together with the unique shapes, produced a daring new outline on the Houston skyline.

Johnson, Sargent (United States, 1887-1967)
Johnson, a versatile African-American sculptor, is noted for his dignified and sensitive sculptural portraits of African-Americans. He worked in a variety of sculptural media and completed several major commissions for murals in cast stone, mosaic, and wood. His works are in major museums throughout the United States.

Johnson, William Henry (United States, 1901-1970)
Johnson, an African American, studied art in Europe and traveled or lived there intermittently. He explored several styles but retained a strong and direct compositional framework throughout his career. His late paintings focused on religious themes, political history, and African-American experiences. Over 1000 of his works are in the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.

Jones, Lois Mailou (United States, b.1906)
Jones, an African American, has worked as a costume and textile designer, but is best known for her paintings. African and African-American themes have been a prominent feature in much of her work, but she has also created paintings of landscapes and still life. She has received many honors, including the first one-person show by an African-American artist at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 1973.

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