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Catalog #: 836-8
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eBook and 1 Big Book

Explorations in Art Kindergarten eBook includes more intuitive controls and the ability to zoom in on any image up to 300% to focus in on texture, techniques, and other details! View thumbnails of every page or search the book for any keyword, such as the name of an artist, theme, or a specific element or principle. Instantly share lessons with colleagues, parents, or teachers.

eBooks include:

  • Student Book
  • Teacher's Edition
  • ePortfolio
  • Curriculum Builder
  • Digital Image Platform
  • Reproducible Masters
  • 25 Student Accounts

The Big Book includes:

  • Art images and a Studio Exploration with each lesson.

  • Lessons on basic skills, such as how to hold and use a pair of scissors, while fostering creative expression and exploration.

Dimensions: 17" wide x 23" tall

Table of Contents
Unit 1: Thinking and Working as Artists
Unit 2: One Subject, Many Media
Unit 3: Transformation
Unit 4: Exploring Clay
Unit 5: Line Printing
Unit 6: Design
Unit 7: Sewing
Unit 8: Animals
Unit 9: Color
Unit 10: Buildings and Cities

Tags: eBook, e-book, Big Book, Cathy Weisman Topal, Cathy Topal, kindergarten, digital textbook, Explorations in Art, elementary
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