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Catalog #: 722-5
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Teacher's Edition

Understanding and analyzing how art functions in history, society and everyday life.

This new edition of Discovering Art History is an in-depth, comprehensive approach to art. The program includes an extensive survey of Western art, studies of non-Western art, as well as an introduction to art appreciation.

Engaging studio activities throughout the text are keyed to chapter content. This premier art history program will show students how the visual arts serve to shape and reflect ideas, issues, and themes from the time of the first cave paintings to the twenty-first century.

The Teacher's Edition includes:

  • Chapter Organizers to help tailor instruction
  • Visual resources with point-of-use correlations
  • Multicultural-and interdisciplinary connections
  • Excellent overviews of each chapter
  • Correlated to the National Visual Arts Standards

Teacher's Edition: Table of Contents

The Discovering Art History Program
Program Structure
Scope and Sequence
Student Edition Pages
What Is Art?
Your Guide to Art

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Learning about Art
Chapter 2: Visual Communication
Chapter 3: Common Denominators
Chapter 4: Art of the Non-Western World
Chapter 5: Beginnings of Western Art
Chapter 6: Greek and Roman Art
Chapter 7: Religious Conviction
Chapter 8: Romanesque and Gothic Art
Chapter 9: The Italian Renaissance
Chapter 10: Renaissance in the North
Chapter 11: Baroque and Rococo
Chapter 12: Three Opposing Views
Chapter 13: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Chapter 14: A Half-Century of "Isms"
Chapter 15: American Art 1900-1950
Chapter 16: Architecture after 1900
Chapter 17: Art from the Fifties to the Present
Reference Section

Teacher's Reference Material
Text Resources
Artists and Their Works
Art Materials
Art Suppliers
Safety in the Classroom
Multicultural Art Education
Special Needs
The National Visual Arts Standards

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