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Overhead Transparencies

Grade 6

36 Overhead Transparencies per grade level

  • 18 Overhead Transparencies of art images
  • 18 Overhead Transparencies in English and Spanish include:
  • Images from our world
  • Four technique illustrations
  • Student art
  • Art criticism questions

List of Artworks:

  1. Diego Rivera, Fruits of Labor
  2. Miriam Schapiro, Anna and David
  3. Isy Ochoa, Self Portrait in Studio
  4. Byron Birdsall, As Seen from Government Hill
  5. Ann Hanson, Dancing Lizard Couple
  6. Steven Alcorn, Mother Duck with Ducklings
  7. Mark Guthrie, Untitled
  8. Brent Wilson, Cleaning Eggs and Collecting Books
  9. Kwakiutl, Mask of Wolf
  10. The Hall of the Great Buddha, Todaiji temple
  11. Armilla Marie Burden, Poodle Teapot
  12. Dyson, Two views of vacuum cleaners
  13. Rhonda Wall, Women Mathematicians
  14. David Lance Goines, Rebuilding Together
  15. Beth McCoy, Pink Lily Pond
  16. Auguste Renoir, Mme. Aline Renoir
  17. Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
  18. Ron Dulce, Glass Quilt

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