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Catalog #: 901-3
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Overhead Transparencies

A Global Pursuit

27 overhead transparencies. Vibrant images that supplement fine art in the text. 9 overlays that help clarify elements, principles, and basic art concepts. Background on artist, culture, and artwork for each image.

List of Artworks:

  1. Ancient Near Eastern, Sumerian (from Khafaje), Head of a Woman
  2. Jenny Holzer, Truisms
  3. Ancient Rome, Ara Pacis
  4. Susan Kelk Cervantes, Precita Valley Vision
  5. Master of the Berthold Missal (Germany), Virgin and Child Enthroned
  6. Llewellyn Xavier, Purple Parrot
  7. Raphael Sanzio, The School of Athens
  8. Steven Katz, Queensboro Bridge
  9. Francisco de Zurbarán, Still Life with Lemons, Oranges, and a Rose
  10. Nadin Ospina, Alcarraza Classica (Classic Pitcher)
  11. Gustave Courbet, The Wave
  12. Tim Harding, Fieldcoat
  13. Paul Signac, The Bonaventure Pine
  14. Pat Steir, Yellow and Blue One-Stroke Waterfall
  15. Sargent Claude Johnson, Mask
  16. Jill Levine, A Distinct Possibility
  17. Charles Ray, Puzzle Bottle
  18. Nam June Paik, Internet Dweller: wol.five.ydpb

Includes 9 overlays

Tags: Explorations in Art, A Global Pursuit, middle school, junior high, Overhead Transparencies, Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, Marilyn Stewart
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