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Catalog #: 911-2
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Overhead Transparencies

A Community Connection

27 overhead transparencies. Vibrant images that supplement fine art in the text. 9 overlays that help clarify elements, principles, and basic art concepts. Background on artist, culture, and artwork for each image.

List of Artworks:

  1. Hopi, Tusayan Black-on-White Jar
  2. Tanis S'eiltin, Anchorage
  3. Henrietta Johnston, Anne Broughton
  4. Amy Weiskopf, Still Life with Watermelon
  5. Unknown, Liberty Crowning Washington
  6. Josefa Roybal, Comanche Dancers
  7. Grant Wood, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  8. Florence Lundborg, The Lark
  9. Willie Seaweed, Hamatsa Crooked Beak Mask
  10. Emily Carr, British Columbia Landscape
  11. Henry O. Tanner, Fisherman at Sea
  12. Unknown, Tickertape Parade, New York City
  13. Malcah Zeldis, Miss Liberty Celebration
  14. Tom Lewis-Borbély, Revelation Series
  15. Luis Jiménez, Alligators
  16. Tony Oursler, Submerged
  17. Mariko Mori, Pureland
  18. Robert Havell, Jr., Black-throated Guillemot, Nobbed-billed Auk, Curled-crested Auk, and Horned-billed Guillemot

Includes 9 overlays

Tags: Explorations in Art, A Community Connection, middle school, junior high, Overhead Transparencies, Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, Marilyn Stewart
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