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Catalog #: 749-1
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Overhead Transparencies

This set of 12 Overhead Transparencies for Focus on Photography -- each including a how-to as well as an example of student work -- enhance and extend instruction.

1b-12b Student Artwork

  1. a) How To . . . Use Photoshop to Create a Pictorialist-Styled Image
    b) Student artwork, Christina
  2. a) How To . . . Bracket Your Exposures
    b) Student artwork, Talia
  3. a) Nikor Reels
    b) Student artwork, Untitled
  4. a) Patterson Reels
    b) Student artwork, Untitled
  5. a) Developing Film
    b) Student artwork, After Rain
  6. a) Processing Contact Sheets
    b) Student artwork, Motorcycle
  7. a) Printing a Negative
    b) Student artwork, Untitled
  8. a) Convert color to Black-and-White in Digital
    b) Student artwork, Skateboarder
  9. a) Troubleshooting Black-and-White negatives
    b) Student artwork, Untitled
  10. a) Types of Blur
    b) Student artwork, Streetcar Corner
  11. a) How To . . . Explore Street Photography
    b) Student artwork, Strength
  12. a) How To . . . Place One Object into Another Scene
    b) Student artwork, Horse

For news, insights, and musings on the art and craft of photography, check out Hermon Joyner and Kathleen Monaghan's, Focus on Photography blog.

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