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Catalog #: 024-7
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Large Reproductions

Exploring Visual Design: The Elements and Principles

Set of 24

Two large reproductions per chapter supplement the text and expand your visual options. With teaching strategies on the reverse side, these reproductions can be integrated into a lesson or stand alone.

List of artworks:

  1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Spurge, Withyham
  2. Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet Seated
  3. Teotihuacan IV, Mexico, Goddess holding flowering branches
  4. Emile Gallé, Aube et Crépuscule (Dawn and Dusk)
  5. Peter Bruegel the Elder, Spring
  6. Carolyn Brady, Last Red Tulips (Baltimore Spring 84)
  7. Winslow Homer, The Adirondack Guide
  8. Franz Marc, Yellow Cow (Gelbe Kuh)
  9. Andy Goldsworthy, Touchstone North
  10. Lu Zhi, Distant Mountains
  11. Mendi Tribesman, Tribesman from the Mendi Area
  12. William M. Harnett, My Gems
  13. Cistercian Monks, Cistercian abbey barn of Ter Doest
  14. Albrecht Dürer, The Mills on the River Pegnitz
  15. Unknown, Buckskin Dress
  16. Friedensreich Hundertwasser, The Houses are Hanging Underneath the Meadows
  17. Stan Herd, The Harvest
  18. Keros-Syros Culture, The Harpist
  19. Emily Mapheelo, Basotho House
  20. Ann Johnston, Merry-go-round 2
  21. William Morris, Strawberry Thief
  22. Jasper Johns, Savarin (Monotype #6)
  23. Haranobu, Young Woman in a Summer Shower
  24. Michael James, Quilt No. 150, Rehoboth Meander

Tags: Exploring Visual Design, The Elements and Principles, Large Reproductions, Joseph A. Gatto, Albert W. Porter, Jack Selleck, Joseph Gatto, Albert Porter
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