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Teacher's Edition

Grade 1

Each Teacher's Edition includes a wealth of point-of-use teaching support designed to help teachers easily pick and choose.

Some of the many features of teaching support include:
  • Support for differentiated instruction
  • Numerous links across the curriculum
  • Reading and language arts links
  • Suggestions for Children's Trade Books for each lesson and Studio Exploration
  • Biographies of featured artists in the Student Book
  • Evaluation criteria for each studio
  • Rubrics, informal assessment checklists, and performance tasks
  • Classroom display options
  • Tips for visual culture and literacy, aesthetic thinking, Web connections, and much more!
Each two-page spread in the Teacher's Edition includes:
  • Prepare: Each lesson includes three lesson objectives that relate to the theme, the art concepts, and the studio.
  • Studio Evaluation Criteria: Each studio includes evaluation criteria at point-of-use.
  • Aesthetic Awareness: Each lesson ends with a suggestion for encouraging students to view their world like an artist, and to look for the concepts they learned about in the world around them.
  • Quick Question Review: A quick way for students to review what they've learned. Questions are designed to be quick and easy, and to promote Every Pupil Response (EPR) to encourage participation by all students.
  • Differentiated Instruction: Differentiated Instruction includes tips for five categories of learners: Extra Help, Advanced, Spanish Speakers, English Language Learners, and Special Needs.
  • Children's Trade Books: Suggested Children's Trade Books are included with each lesson. All reading and language arts extensions are highlighted in green boxes.
  • About the Artist: Biographical information is included in the Teacher's Edition for each featured artist.
  • Assess: Tips for formative, informal assessment are included at the end of each lesson. These tips correlate to the three lesson objectives.
  • Close: Each lesson includes two close activities: Quick Question Review and Aesthetic Awareness.
  • Lesson Resources: Each lesson is correlated to a Large Reproduction, and Overhead Transparency, and Digital Image to extend learning to a new image.

Teacher's Edition: Table of Contents
Authors, Consultants, and Reviewers
Letter from the Authors
Program Introduction
Program Components
Unit Features

Unit 1: Looking Around: Seeing Our World
Unit 2: People and Places: Seeing Details and Actions
Unit 3: Colorful Stories: Color and Imagination
Unit 4: Art and Nature: Getting Ideas
Unit 5: Special Times: Art to Remember
Unit 6: Change: New and Different
Student Handbook
Student Glossary
Student Book Index

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