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Catalog #: 896-2
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Teacher's Edition

A Community Connection

Designed for fast, easy preparation and focused teaching

Each Teacher's Edition includes:

  • Suggested pacing
  • Vocabulary
  • Strategies for using text and images effectively
  • Inquiry-based activities to challenge learners
  • Additional background on art and artists
  • Compare and Contrast diagrams
  • Ideas for extending the lesson
  • Lesson resources at point-of-use
  • Large Reproduction and Overhead Transparency suggestions at point-of-use
  • Studio Evaluation criteria
  • Critical Thinking exercises
  • Support for differentiated instruction
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • National Standards correlations

Unit Resources

  • Shows Large Reproduction and Overhead Transparency images that are correlated to each unit
  • Includes correlations to image resources, blackline masters, multimedia—all available ancillaries

Unit Preview

  • Helps you introduce unit theme and objectives to students
  • Explains strands
  • Expands upon unit objectives
  • Outlines main unit concepts
  • Illustrated with sample fine artwork

Unit Planning Guide

  • At-a-glance planning, complete with thumbnail reference images
  • Pacing, objectives, studios, necessary materials—everything you need to know

Lesson Wraparound Material

  • Point-of-use support on every page
  • Step-by-step coordination with the text
  • Four key sections that organize teaching instruction of each lesson: Prepare, Teach, Assess, Close
  • Numerous teaching options: inquiry, extensions, differentiated instruction, computer variations, and more

Unit Rubrics and Summative Assessment

  • Authentic assessment options for both art and non-art content
  • Unit Performance Tasks help determine depth and breadth of understanding
  • Studio Exploration rubrics provide a clear evaluation structure for studio work
  • Unit Concepts rubric allows assessment of specific unit objectives

Teacher's Edition: Table of Contents

How to Use This Program
Letter from the Authors
A New Standard in Middle School Art Programs
The Program at a Glance
How the Student Book Is Organized
How a Student Book Unit Is Organized
How a Teacher's Edition Unit Is Organized
Technology and Multimedia

Walkthrough: Teacher's Edition Unit Structure
Unit Preview
Unit Resource
Unit Planning Guide
Unit Overview
Lesson 1: Exploring the Unit Theme
Lesson 2: Skills and Techniques
Lesson 3: Studio Exploration
Lesson 4: Art History and Traditions
Lesson 5: Global View
Lesson 6: Studio Exploration
Connections & Vocabulary and Content Review
Studio Exploration Rubrics and Summative Assessment

The Student Book
Student Book Contents
An Introduction to Art
Unit 1: Art and Messages
Unit 2: Art and Daily Life
Unit 3: Art and Belonging
Unit 4: Art and Places
Unit 5: Art and Nature
Unit 6: Art and Change
Unit 7: Art and Celebration
Unit 8: Art and Making a Difference
Unit 9: Art and New Directions
Student Handbook
Artist Guide

Teacher's Reference
National Standards
Professional Development
Art in the School Curriculum

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