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Catalog #: 910-5
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Large Reproductions

A Community Connection

Set of 18

On the front:

  • A colorful, full-size art image that supplements fine art in the text

On the back:

  • Background about artist or culture, and artwork
  • Questioning strategies
  • Scale graphic showing actual size of artwork in relation to an average adult

List of Artworks:

  1. Faith Ringgold, Cotton Fields, Sunflowers, Blackbirds, and Quilting Bees
  2. Pre-Columbian, Inca, Tunic
  3. Anna Belle Lee Washington, Working
  4. India, Mughal School, At a Party in Herat Given in 1507 for Emperor Babur
  5. Miccousukee-Seminole, Man's (Big Shirt)
  6. Polynesia, Samoa, Siapo Mamanu
  7. April Gornik, Western Space
  8. Katsushika Hokusai, Moon on the Yodo River
  9. Albert Paley, Portal Gates
  10. Gustaf Fjaestad, Hoar-frost on Ice
  11. Roger Shimomura, Beacon Hill Boy
  12. Russia, Nesting Dolls
  13. Janet Fish, Fourth of July
  14. Caribbean, Trinidad, Carnival Costume
  15. Suzanne Lacy, The Crystal Quilt
  16. Bruce Onobrakpeya, Have You Heard?
  17. Dale Chihuly, Yellow Spears
  18. Sharol Graves, Indian Circuit

Tags: prints, posters, Explorations in Art, A Community Connection, middle school, junior high, Large Reproductions, Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, Marilyn Stewart
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