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Catalog #: 306-8
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Discovering African Art

Eighteen objects, which represent African artists from different times, regions and ethnic groups, challenge common notions, and encourage a re-examination of African art and culture. The objects profiled range from early fifteenth century to the present, and offer a variety of media and techniques.

Each topic details two works, which allows students to compare and contrast representations and ideas from different regions.

Table of Contents

African Timeline and Map

  1. Traditions: Portraits of Rulers
  2. Signs of Power
  3. Personal Adornment
  4. Religious Icons: Foreign Legacies
  5. Objects of Spirit, Power, and Glory
  6. Memorial Effigies: Remembering the Dead
  7. Conventions and Innovations: Past and Present
  8. Revealing the Unknown
  9. New Media and African Art

Tags: african art, cultural studies, Jacqueline Chanda, Discovering African Art, African artists
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