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Community Art in Action DIGITAL

By Kristin Congdon

Encourages students to explore their world

This resource shows how art education programs can be expanded to address community-based and cultural traditions. The text explains how art and aesthetic choices are at the heart of communities and discusses how folklife and community practices are associated with the natural and built environment, different occupations, recreational activities, and ethnic traditions.

Available individually or as part of the Art Education in Practice Series. 128 pages, softcover

  • Activities for involving students in their local community traditions
  • Ideas for expanding student awareness of traditions in communities around the world
  • Images of contemporary, folk, and traditional artists’ work
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction: Art in Everyday Life
  2. What Is a Community?
  3. Folklife and Community Practices
  4. Why Should Art Programs Focus on Community
  5. Art Programs Focusing on Natural and Built Environment

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Tags: professional development, Community Art in Action, Kristin Congdon
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