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Catalog #: 778-1
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Big Book

The grade 2 Big Book includes the same pages as the grade 2 Student Book.

The Number One K-6 Art Program

What sets Explorations in Art apart?

Theme-Based Learning
Unit themes such as Traditions and Identity show students the relevance of art in their own lives and the lives of people across time and place.

Process-Based Studios
By learning a process that emphasizes the importance of thinking, planning, and reflection, students go way beyond "make and take." Studio support includes inspiration from fine art and real-world photos.

Alignment to Language Arts
The Teacher's Edition includes point-of-use suggestions for helping students connect art instruction to skills and strategies in reading and writing.

eBooks, Grades K-6
With Davis Digital's intuitive eBooks, you can easily find lessons, view thumbnails of every page in the books, or conduct a search by artist, concept, or keyword. The zoom allows you to magnify any page up to 300%.

Dazzle your students with:

  • Brilliant fine art images.
  • 54 studios with stellar examples of student artwork.
  • Art criticism based on fine art and student artwork.
  • Technique illustrations.
  • Artist biographies.
  • Globes and maps.
  • A handbook with clear examples of elements and principles, and more.

Table of Contents

Student Introduction
Unit 1: Nature's Beauty: Looking and Seeing
Unit 2: We Belong Together: Expressing Moods and Feelings
Unit 3: Back to Nature: Choosing Subject Matter
Unit 4: Picture Stories: Images and Ideas
Unit 5: Work and Play: Space and Movement
Unit 6: Outside and Inside: Design for Living
Student Handbook

Dimensions: 17" wide x 23" tall

Tags: Explorations in Art, Big Book, elementary, Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, theme-based, elements and principles, Marilyn Stewart
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