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Art: A Global Pursuit, Teacher’s Edition

Art and the Human Experience has been carefully designed to meet the unique needs of the middle school student. Developed on the premise that art is inescapably linked to the experience of being human, this program engages students by demonstrating that art is and always has been a way for people across time and cultures to express their ideas.

Authentic studios provide opportunities for expression through a variety of forms and media while teaching and reinforcing the elements and principles of design.

The book features dazzling images, including women artists, contemporary and multicultural images and examples of student artwork.

The Teacher's Edition includes:

  • an easy-to-follow three-step lesson plan;
  • assessment options;
  • support for meeting individual needs;
  • interdisciplinary learning;
  • cultural connections;
  • teaching through inquiry;
  • community involvement;
  • museum connections;
  • graphic organizers;
  • and much more!

Teacher's Edition: Table of Contents

Core Plus Four
Chapter Organizer
Lesson Highlights
Studio Lesson
Support Materials
Scope and Sequence

Student Edition Title
Student Edition Contents
Student Edition Introduction

Foundations: What Is Art?
Foundation 1: Organizer
Foundation 1: The Whys and Hows of Art
Foundation 2: Organizer
Foundation 2: Forms and Media
Foundation 3: Organizer
Foundation 3: Elements and Principles
Foundation 4: Organizer
Foundation 4: Approaches to Art

Themes: Art Is a Global Pursuit
Theme 1: Organizer
Theme 1: Messages
Theme 2: Organizer
Theme 2: Identity and Ideals
Theme 3: Organizer
Theme 3: Lessons
Theme 4: Organizer
Theme 4: Order and Organization
Theme 5: Organizer
Theme 5: Daily Life
Theme 6: Organizer
Theme 6: Place
Theme 7: Organizer
Theme 7: Nature
Theme 8: Organizer
Theme 8: Continuity and Change
Theme 9: Organizer
Theme 9: Possibilities

Student Text Resources

Teacher's Reference Material

Tags: Eldon Katter, Marilyn Stewart, Marilyn G Stewart, A Global Pursuit, Teacher Edition
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