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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: Early American Masters - Naïve Art

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Set Description and Contents:

From America's earliest self-taught artists to unique personal styles, naïve art depicts the social history of the United States from a variety of points of view. Explore how art reflects the different experiences that make up early American life.

12 Digital Images with Teacher Support
Ready-made Presentations
  • Naïve Art Background
  • Artist Background
  • Art Criticism Questions
    • Describe and Analyze
    • Interpret
    • Evaluate
  • Review Questions
Teacher Background
  • Historical information about each artist and artwork
  • Cultural context to support art history and art appreciation programs
  • Connections to other influential artists and styles
  • Bibliography and Web Resources
Classroom Activities and Handouts
  • Art Criticism Questions
  • Vocabulary Worksheets
  • Artist Summaries
  • Artist Biographies

Sample Text
Despite the overwhelming influence of European, mostly English, styles in art during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the tradition of the itinerant, self-trained artist continued. These less sophisticated artists provided a good source for patronage by less-affluent Americans who nonetheless wanted to demonstrate their refinement and good taste by commissioning art. Pockets of provincial, naïve art persisted through the nineteenth century in the form of segregated religious or Utopian communities, isolated frontier regions, and newly settled regions in the west.

Patroon Painter [Possibly Pieter Vanderlyn (c1687-1778) or Nehemiah Patridge (active c1717-1725)]
Pennsylvania German Artist
Unknown Artist (Meditation by the Sea)
Francis Alexander (1800-1880)
James Bard (1815-1897)
David Gilmour Blythe (1815-1865)
Edward Hicks (1780-1849)
Joshua Johnson (born c1763, active 1796-1824)
George Ropes (1788-1819)
The Sherman Limner (active c1785-1790)
Thomas Smith ? (died c1691)
Mary Ann Willson (active 1810-1825)

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