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Catalog #: 8-D224CA
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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: Design IV - William Morris and Company Wallpaper Sample Book (JPEG)

(new acquisitions 2010)

54 images of wallpaper designs from the William Morris & Co. "Wallpaper Sample Book." William Morris & Co. was established in the late 1800s as an interior decoration firm, providing both ready made collections and custom designs. The Arts & Crafts style promoted by the company continues to be popular today.

JPEG Set: Images provided in three convenient sizes

Projection: 3000 x 2000 pixels
Screen: 768 x 557 pixels
Thumbnail: 190 x 138 pixels

Set also available as TIFFs.

Each high resolution image allows for detailed study.

Example of Projection size image:
Thumbnail of Image Image Viewed at 25% Image Viewed at 100%

Scroll down to view set contents.

Purchase the entire set or select individual images.

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