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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: Survey of Baroque Art

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Set Description and Contents:

In the period after the Renaissance, three major trends developed in art: Classicism, Drama, and Naturalism. Explore these stylistic themes and their impact on art in this digital image set. Your students will study a variety of art forms from masters of the time period, including Panini, Caravaggio, and Vermeer.

40 Digital Images with Teaching Support
  • JPEG images in Projection, Screen, and Thumbnail sizes
  • Historical information on each style
  • Cultural context to support art history and art appreciation programs
  • Complete image information in an Excel™ spreadsheet

Set Sections and Sample Text
    [For Classicists] the ideal was preferable to the real (naturalism) or the dynamic (drama). Classicists believed that the study of nature should inevitably convince the artist of the purity and perfection of nature. High Renaissance and antique statuary were the models for Baroque classicists.

    While Classicism stressed calm rationality, Drama expressed itself in turbulent action and powerful passion. Artists who preferred a dramatic style used the following elements to enhance drama: 1) extremes of light and dark; 2) overwhelming vastness of spaces (in architecture) and plunging perspective (in painting); 3) dramatic diagonal movement; 4) open and often unbalanced compositions 5) exaggerated and sometimes distorted use of the human figure; and 6) emphasis on the power of nature over man.

    Scientific inquiry into the earth and universe expanded tremendously during the Baroque period. This study greatly increased Europe's fascination with nature. The Baroque artist following a naturalist tendency delighted in showing exact and exclusive descriptions of nature and everyday life.

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