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Catalog #: 8-D170T
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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: American Art to 1900 by Sarah Burns and John Davis - Supplemental Textbook Set (TIFF Images)

New for Fall 2009: College Supplemental Textbook Sets.

These convenient image sets feature:

•Works of art by the artists / cultures in the text

•Examples of the same art concept, movement, or style through other media, artists, time periods, and cultures


Archival File Format: 3000 x 2000 pixels, 18+ MB

Set also available in the following formats:

Ready-Made Presentation

JPEG Images

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ThumbnailTitleAuthor/ArtistCat. No. Purchase Options 
Portrait of a Woman Wollaston, JohnA6526 Select
Portrait of a Young Man Wollaston, JohnAIC-335 Select
Daniel Hubbard Copley, John SingletonB12953 Select
Mrs Andrew Bedford Bankson and Son, Gunning Bedford Bankson Johnson, JoshuaAIC-277 Select
View of Cotopaxi Church, Frederic EdwinAIC-13351 Select
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra Hosmer, HarrietAIC-278 Select
The Two Disciples at the Tomb Tanner, Henry OssawaAIC-21850 Select
Storm in Umbria Vedder, ElihuAIC-301 Select
Violet and Silver -- The Deep Sea Whistler, James Abbott McNeillAIC-34 Select
Mrs George Swinton (Elizabeth Ebsworth) Sargent, John SingerAIC-7547 Select
Dorothea and Francesca Beaux, CeciliaAIC-261 Select
After a Summer Shower Inness, GeorgeB13384 Select
Moonrise Inness, GeorgeAIC-305 Select
Lady in Green and Gray Dewing, Thomas WilmerB13357 Select

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