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Catalog #: 8-D204J
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DIGITAL IMAGE SET - Janson's History of Art 8E - Supplemental Textbook Set - Complete Set: Chapters 1-30 (JPEG)

Set 8-D204J includes images for all chapters in the book (1 through 30)

Additional Sets Available:

8-D204BJ: Chapters 1 through 17

8-D204CJ: Chapters 18 through 30

New for Fall 2009: College Supplemental Textbook Sets.

These convenient image sets feature:

•Works of art by the artists / cultures in the text

•Examples of the same art concept, movement, or style through other media, artists, time periods, and cultures

JPEG Set: Images provided in three convenient sizes

Projection: 3000 x 2000 pixels
Screen: 768 x 557 pixels
Thumbnail: 190 x 138 pixels

Set also available in the following formats:

Ready-Made Presentation

TIFF Images

Order Images Individually Below

ThumbnailTitleAuthor/ArtistCat. No. Purchase Options 
Francesco de' Medici Allori, Alessandro, Attributed toA5669 Select
Still Life with Game Fowl Sánchez Cotán, JuanAIC-6491 Select
The Rommelpot Player Leyster, Judith, Attributed toAIC-197 Select
Still Life Claesz., PieterA6346 Select
A Young Woman with a Parrot Carriera, Rosalba GiovannaAIC-287 Select
Dante's Bark Delacroix, Ferdinand-Victor-EugèneA7097 Select
Study of the Head of a Corpse Champmartin, Charles ÉmileAIC-326 Select
Beata Beatrix Rossetti, Dante GabrielAIC-317 Select
The Yellow (La Jaune) Amer, GhadaAIC-293 Select

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