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Ordering Information


Individual slide pricing is based on the amount and type of slides being ordered:

Print Slides:
1-24 Slides - $3.50 per slide
25-49 Slides - $3.25 per slide
50-299 Slides - $3.00 per slide
300-999 Slides - $2.75 per slide
1000-4999 Slides - $2.50 per slide
5000+ slides - $2.00 per slide

1-249 Slides - $6.00 per slide
250+ slides - $5.50 per slide

1-249 Slides - $7.00 per slide
250+ slides - $6.50 per slide

Minimum Slide Purchase
There is a $10.50 minimum for print slide orders. For digital slides you must order at least 10 slides.

Digital Slide Formats
Digital slides are available in JPEG and TIFF format. At checkout time you will be given the choice if you want your digital slides delivered to you on a CD or DVD.

Payment Terms
Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted. Institutional purchase orders are accepted for orders of $25 or more and are billed at net 30 days. All foreign orders require prepayment in US funds drawn on a US bank.

All slide prices include the cost of shipping for U.S. orders. Canada and other foreign orders please contact us for insured shipping prices. Expect to receive your slides within 2-3 weeks of placing the order.

Orders are shipped to be received Monday through Friday. If Saturday delivery required, please contact us at 800-533-2847 x 252.

Need it fast?
Davis Art Slides can accommodate an Overnight or Second Day request for orders of 30 slides or less. There is a $10 fee for Overnight and $5 fee for Second Day requests in addition to the cost of shipping.

Order Now
Place your order online, by phone, fax, email or snail mail. Please include individual slide numbers, billing and shipping addresses as well as a daytime phone number. Click here to download a printable order form (viewable with Acrobat Reader). Write in your order information and fax or mail your order to Davis.

Sales Tax
Please add sales tax if applicable. Non-school orders from Massachusetts, please add 5%. Non-school orders from New York add 7-9.5%, depending on your county. In California, add 7.25-8.75%, depending on your county. In Washington, add 7-8.9%, depending on your county.

We do not accept returns. Returns of defective slides only will be accepted for exchange, credit, or refund, provided they have not been damaged by the customer.
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