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Catalog #: 8-D180
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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: Japanese Art II (TIF Format)

118 Images

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ThumbnailTitleAuthor/ArtistCat. No. Purchase Options 
Hanging scroll: Landscape (Pine Wind Harmonizing with a Zither) Kakizaki, HakyoAIC-281 Select
White Chrysanthemums and Pinks in a Black Vase Bunchō, Ippitsusai, Attributed toAIC-288 Select
A Beauty Kaigetsudo AnchiAIC-314 Select
A Mountainous Landscape with a Stream Hokkei, TotoyaAIC-315 Select
Woman Combing Her Hair Goyō, HashiguchiAIC-320 Select
Monju in the Guise of a Hemp-Robed Youth (Nawa Monju) Unknown. Muromachi PeriodAIC-321 Select
Landscape Sotan, Oguri, Originally attributed toAIC-336 Select
Kōbō Daishi (Kukai) as a Boy Unknown. Muromachi PeriodAIC-343 Select
Flowers of Autumn and Winter Kiitsu, SuzukiAIC-344 Select
Spring View from a Thatched Pavilion on the Lakeshore Sesshu, attributed toAIC-348 Select

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