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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: Laurence Gartel - Graphic Design (TIF Format)

99 Images

Today students learn to make their own electronic artworks and designs because of the hurdles overcome by artists such as Laurence Gartel. Working with digital media for over thirty years, Laurence Gartel created some of the first tools for computer-generated art. His work has now been exhibited by museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, raising digital media to the status of fine art. His commercial work also illustrates how digital media is an essential tool for graphic design.

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About the Artist:
Laurence Gartel is a pioneer in the field of computer art. In the 1970s, he produced some of the first examples of electronic art using tools he had built and modified himself. At the age of twenty-nine he had learned 42 different electronic systems for creating art. Combining actual painting and photo-manipulation, he produced a unique art form a decade before corporate-produced software allowed the general public to emulate his technique. He started working with video synthesizers in 1976, ten years before the introduction of Paintbox to painters, and Amiga. Gartel is unique for having entered the paintbox style of work so early, and having persisted through the evolution of this technology to the present day.

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