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The Visual Experience
middle school
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Art Textbook Program & Ancillaries
Explorations in Art: A Community Connection
Art is inescapably linked to the experience of being human.
By Marilyn G. Stewart and Eldon Katter
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Explorations in Art, Middle School/Junior High provides the type of relevant, engaging learning that is so critical to motivating the middle school/junior high student. We know that hands-on learning is the foundation of the middle school art curriculumn. A wide range of dynamic studio activities focuses on issues and ideas of particular interest in the middle school/junior high age group. 2nd Edition, © 2009

The Student Book Contents:
  • Unit 1: Art and Messages
  • Unit 2: Art and Daily Life
  • Unit 3: Art and Belonging
  • Unit 4: Art and Places
  • Unit 5: Art and Nature
  • Unit 6: Art and Changes
  • Unit 7: Art and Celebration
  • Unit 8: Art and Making a Difference
  • Unit 9: Art and New Directions
  • Student Handbook
  • Artist Guide
The Teacher’s Edition Contents:
  • National Standards
    • Scope and Sequence
  • Professional Development
    • Program Overview
    • Program Fundamentals
    • Engage Students
    • Guide Response to Art
    • Guide Explorations in Art
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Strategies for Assessment
  • Art in the School Curriculum
    • Art and Academic Vocabulary
    • Art and Language Development
    • Connect Art and Other Subjects
  • Developing Art Content
    • Media and Techniques
    • Art with a Global Perspective
    • Art Styles, Periods, and World Cultures
    • Art in Daily Life
  • Managing the Artroom
    • Art Materials and Supplies
    • Building Support for Art Program
    • Maintaining the Artroom
  • Resources
    • Large Reproductions
    • Overhead Transparencies
    • Artist Biographies
    • Teacher Bibliography
    • English & Spanish Glossaries
Look Inside:

Explorations in Art: A Community Connection, Unit 1-1
middle school art textbook unit

Explorations in Art: A Community Connection, Unit 1-1 Studio
middle school art textbook studio exploration

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