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Curriculum Builder
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Student Accounts
Digital Curriculum, Portfolios, and Images
Davis Digital
Curriculum Builder
Customize your curriculum and lessons with this easy-to-use Curriculum Builder. The Curriculum Builder allows you to create customized lessons with everything you need in one place: lessons from Davis eBooks, easy to format text modules, examples of student artwork, fine art images, videos, and links to websites and galleries. You can easily copy your lessons and share them with colleagues, or reuse them each year. Documents such as Word files and pdfs can be easily shared and downloaded by students or colleagues. With Student Accounts, your students can access your customized lessons from any computer with an Internet connection.

Student Accounts
25 Student Accounts are included with each Digital Class Set and can be purchased in packs of 25 or 200. Each Student Account includes access to a Student eBook and ePortfolios, and the ability to view classes created with the Curriculum Builder by the art teacher.

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Curriculum Builder
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