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The Visual Experience Authors
about the authors
The Visual Experience
The complete contemporary visual arts program that encourages research, analysis, and problem solving
Jack Hobbs is professor emeritus at Illinois State University. He served as art supervisor for nine years at Crystal Lake Public Schools, Illinois. He completed his PhD at the University of Iowa. Dr. Hobbs is also the author of several college texts including Art in Context and Teaching Children Art. He has been active as an exhibiting artist and has been featured in such shows as the National Exhibition of Prints and the Art in the Embassies Program held in Washington, DC.

Richard A. Salome is professor emeritus at Illinois State University. He has also taught at the University of Minnesota and Stanford University, where he received his EdD. Most of his public school art teaching experience has been at the secondary level. Dr. Salome served as coeditor, and senior editor, of the National Art Education Association’s Studies in Art Education, and was the originator and first editor of Translations: From Theory to Practice.

Ken Vieth taught high school art for twenty-one years at Montgomery High School in Skillman, New Jersey. He has also taught at the K–8 and college levels. He holds an MA from Goddard College. His efforts in visual problem solving have been supported by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Princeton University, the Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Program, the Fulbright Memorial Fund, and the Fulbright International Exchange Program. His artworks are held in private collections in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. He is a frequent contributor to SchoolArts Magazine, and the author of From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Art and Design Problem Solving (Davis).
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