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Teaching Children to Draw
early childhood / elementary
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Resource Book
Teaching Children to Draw
Newly revised and expanded!
By Marjorie and Brent Wilson
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Teaching Children to Draw early childhood elementary
Catalog #: 005-6
Your Price: $24.95
This practical guide shows how teachers and parents can stimulate children to produce imaginative drawings. Teaching Children to Draw explains the importance of drawing to childhood development and sets forth an effective program for increasing children’s graphic skills and personal awareness.

Complete with hundreds of exciting, spontaneous drawings made by children, Teaching Children to Draw reveals scores of practical techniques that can help you and your child get more out of drawing, including:
  • how children use drawings to tell stories
  • how children learn about themselves and their environment through drawing
  • how children and adults can work together in all stages of the child’s drawing development
  • how natural and cultural factors influence the way children draw
  • how children use visual resources, such as the Internet, movies, television, comics, and photographs, to develop drawings
  • how to encourage imagination and fantasy in drawings
See Inside This Book!
See Inside This Book!
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