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Middle School Art Resource Books

middle school

Best Selling Resource Books

middle school art resource books

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

By Ken Vieth

Grades 6–12 The teacher resource that emphasizes visual problem solving, creative thinking, and cooperative learning. Ideal for incorporating stimulating studio experiences into the curriculum! This book encourages higher level thinking and includes projects that explore the subjects of self, family, and community. Learn more…

middle school art resource books careers in art

Careers in Art: An Illustrated Guide

By Gerald F. Brommer and Joseph A. Gatto

Grades 7–12 First-hand accounts by respected artists inspire and instruct students considering a career in the visual arts. From traditional art careers to new options in the digital and design fields, this resource profiles over 60 careers with more than a dozen examined in detail. Learn more…

middle school art resource books design

Design Synectics: Stimulating Creativity in Design

By Nicholas Roukes

Grades 6–12 A revolutionary approach to the elements and principles of design! Each chapter is filled with photographs, drawings, and activities that illustrate art elements in new ways. Includes innovative exercises, fine art, and more. Learn more…

middle school art resource books multicultural

Art from Many Hands: Multicultural Art Projects

Grades K–8 An excellent resource for fostering cultural awareness and illuminating the world’s artistic traditions. This book features rich content on regional backgrounds and cultures, vivid images, and more. Newly revised and expanded. Learn more…

middle school art resource books clay sculpture

Children, Clay and Sculpture

By Cathy Weisman Topal

Grades PreK–8 Strategies that explain traditional hand-building techniques to use when teaching children how to use clay. Includes strategies for group activities, large line drawings, photos, examples of sculpture, and evaluation suggestions. Learn more…

middle school art resource books colored pencil

Exploring Colored Pencil

By Sandra McFall Angelo

Grades 6–12 Exploring Colored Pencil is a comprehensive overview of this practical and powerful medium. This book provides the step-by-step technique demonstrations needed by beginners, while also exploring more sophisticated applications of interest to intermediate and advanced students. Learn more…

middle school art resource books weaving

You Can Weave! Projects for Young Weavers

By Kathleen Monaghan and Hermon Joyner

Grades K–8 An illustrated, step-by-step resource for building a foundation of weaving knowledge and skills. This book makes it easy to introduce weaving to your students using readily available materials. Learn more…

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