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Explorations in Art, Middle School
middle school
Textbook Program
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Program Components:
•  Student Book (Grades 6–8)
Teacher’s Edition
Resource Masters CD-ROM
Large Reproductions (Set of 18)
Overhead Transparencies (Set of 27)
Student Art Gallery CD-ROM
e-Gallery Compare & Contrast CD-ROM
Art Careers! Videos/DVDs
Supplemental Digital Image Sets (Basic and Deluxe)
eBooks and ePortfolios
Explorations in Art, Middle School
By Marilyn G. Stewart and Eldon Katter
A NEW Standard in Middle School and Junior High art programs
Theme-Based Learning
Unit themes such as Storytelling, Nature, and Messages underscore the relevance of art in students’ lives and reveal the important roles art plays in cultures around the world. Elements and principles, skills and techniques, and forms and media are learned not as isolated concepts, but as tools that help students interpret the ideas of artists and express their own ideas through art.

Process-Based Studios
By learning a process that emphasizes the importance of thinking, planning, and reflection in creating superior, original artworks, students go way beyond “make and take.” Studio support includes stellar examples of student artwork; technique illustrations to clarify processes, tools, and the use of materials; images from both the art world and the everyday world to inspire students; and evaluation criteria for each studio.

Meaningful Application of Art Concepts
Students are immediately introduced to basic art concepts through the book’s opening section, An Introduction to Art. Subsequent lessons underscore and expand understanding of those concepts through art production, in concert with viewing and analysis of professional and student artwork. In addition, each unit’s second lesson provides a four-page in-depth treatment of a key art concept. Concepts spiral through each of the three books in the program, providing consistent reinforcement while broadening and deepening students’ appreciation of art-making, art history, criticism, and art in everyday life.
A Personal Journey
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