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Explorations in Art Elementary
Art Curriculum
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Curriculum Components:
•  Student Book (Grades 1–6)
Big Book (Grades K–2)
Teacher’s Edition
e-Books and e-Portfolios
Large Reproductions (Set of 18)
Overhead Transparencies (Set of 18)
Resource Masters CD-ROM
Compare & Contrast CD-ROM
Fine Art and Studio Process CD-ROM
Supplemental Digital Image Sets (Deluxe and Basic)
Music CDs
Artist Cards (Set of 30)
Vocabulary Cards (Set of 30)
Instructional Posters
Explorations in Art
By Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, Cathy Weisman Topal, Laura H. Chapman, Nancy Walkup
A NEW Standard in K–6 art curriculum
Theme-Based Learning
Unit themes show students the relevance of art in their lives and the lives of people across time and place. Elements and principles, skills and techniques, and forms and media are learned as tools that help students interpret the ideas of artists and express their own ideas through art.

Process-Based Studios
By learning a process that emphasizes the importance of thinking, planning, and reflection, students go way beyond “make and take.” Studio support includes technique illustrations; images from art and the real world; evaluation criteria for each studio; and art criticism.

Alignment to Language Arts
A five-step studio process, aligned with the five-step writing process, provides hands-on reinforcement of writing instruction and the cognitive processes critical to both visual and written compositions.
Explorations in Art K-5
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