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Maureen Mackey
about the author
Maureen Mackey

Davis author Maureen MackeyMaureen Mackey first fell in love with clay more than 20 years ago. Since then, she has worked in the medium both as a teacher and clay artist. She has an MFA in ceramics. She also has her masters in art education that led her to start writing discipline-based materials for teachers. She hoped this approach would be educational, practical, and fun. She has several publications available. She earned both of her graduate degrees from The University of Arizona. Maureen likes to deal with creative challenges and for more than ten years has enjoyed working at her home studio alternating between clay, painting, and writing. She also teaches ceramics at the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department where she has witnessed the transformative effects that working with clay can have on people of all ages.

Maureen is an artist, author, and teacher who calls Tucson her home. She has been teaching and working in clay for over 20 years and finds the medium to be purposeful and grounding while the challenge of the clay process and its scientific constraints—from the forming of a piece and its progression through glazing and firing—an exhilarating and magical practice. Her work in clay consists of large sculptures, functional ware, and whimsical pieces. Maureen’s paintings, on the other hand, are primarily abstract and offer her the freedom to uncover a more mystical realm that is unpredictable and unique. She uses light and transitions from light to capture impressions that appear from behind the illusion of reality. This shift in consciousness between the perception of the familiar and the realm of the spirit is an intuitive response. Maureen finds this link between her work in painting and ceramics to be uplifting and restorative.

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