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Art and the Human Experience
middle school
Textbook Program
A Personal Journey A Community Connection A Global Pursuit Art and the Human Experience
Art: A Personal Journey
Art: A Community Connection
Art: A Global Pursuit
Art and the Human Experience
By Eldon Katter and Marilyn G. Stewart
“Art is inescapably linked to the experience of being human”
Art and the Human Experience is a theme-based series organized around the big ideas that connect humans across time and place. Theme-based art instruction has been proven to increase student engagement and the quality of student artwork. Art and the Human Experience makes it easy to address all art standards using a theme-based approach.

Each book in the series features dazzling images, including more art by women artists, more contemporary and multicultural images, and more examples of student artwork than any other middle school program. The series has been developed to provide natural links with social studies.
Program Components:
• Student Book (Grades 6–8)
• Teacher’s Edition
• Teacher’s Resource Binder
• Teacher’s Resource Binder on CD-ROM
• Large Reproductions (Set of 18)
• Overhead Transparencies (Set of 27)
• Student Art Gallery CD-ROM
• Davis e-Gallery CD-ROM
• Art Careers! Videos/DVDs

Classroom sets are also available. Please call (800) 533-2847 for details.
Art and the Human Experience
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