Davis Digital Art Images

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Subscription Levels

Tier I
1–250 users $250
Tier II
1–1,000 users $500
Tier III
1–5,000 users $850
Tier IV
1–10,000 users $1250
Tier V
unlimited users $7500

Pricing is based on the number of accounts your school or district needs. Users include both students and teachers assigned to the subscription.

Bring fine art images into your classroom with the all-new Davis Digital Art Images subscription!

Purchase instant access to more than 30,000 brilliant, high-quality digital fine art images! With our new affordable subscriptions, you can customize your fine art library with personalized tags and much more!

Easily locate high-quality images from museums across the country for your lessons, including a variety of art forms, time periods from ancient works to the art of today, and cultures from around the world. Tag images, create instant slide shows, and easily compare and contrast any two images.

Davis Digital Art Images Features:

Davis Digital Art Images is accessible through Davis Digital at DavisArtSpace.com. Take a free test drive of the platform at DavisArtSpace.com.


Once you choose the images you need, use them in your classroom directly from Davis Digital. It all starts with image tagging. Add your own keywords, such as a specific class or lesson, art concept, or textbook to easily find your images whenever you need them. Access your tagged images right from the images homepage at any time.


Use your tagged images to create instant online slide shows. Customize your slide shows by arranging the images in the order you want. Show the presentation to the entire class as part of a lesson, or encourage students to view it on their own. Great for viewing with tablets!

Compare & Contrast

You and your students can Compare and Contrast any two images side by side. Great for in-depth analysis! Any student with a Davis Digital account can compare and contrast any two images they want to observe more closely. Perfect for writing prompts and common core strategies.

Student Access

Your students can explore the complete art library of more than 30,000 images. Each subscription includes student accounts. You can either have students browse the entire collection by artist, medium, style, culture, or art form for independent and small group research, or you can specify a particular group of images you have tagged that you want your students to explore.

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