Communicating through Graphic Design

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Communicating through Graphic Design, Student Book
By Kevin Gatta and Claire Mowbray Golding

An up-to-date look at one of the fastest-growing art career areas

This studio textbook program is a visually dynamic and extensive resource, specifically designed to fit a range of teaching styles, instructional needs, and classroom configurations. This curriculum covers all aspects of design including: History of Graphic Design, the Design Process, Identity Design, Advertising, and Digital Design. Students will have the opportunity to explore their own unique style and interests, through stimulating hands-on studio opportunities, from basic to advanced levels. Some of the features included in this textbook to help make it the most valuable tool in the design classroom are:

Key Terms: Important terms are highlighted and defined the first time they appear. Use these words to build your student's graphic design vocabulary.

Career Profiles of professional artists: dispel the myth of the "poor starving artist" and help answer questions about careers in design.

Step by Step How-To's: Illustrated diagrams and instructions will help students master fundamental skills and techniques.

Student Artwork: In each chapter, graphic designs by students encourage peer sharing and critique.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What Is Graphic Design?
Chapter 2: The Art of Graphic Design
Chapter 3: Visualizing and Layout
Chapter 4: Identity Design
Chapter 5: Publications Design
Chapter 6: Advertising Design
Chapter 7: Environmental and Information Design
Chapter 8: Virtual Design
Student Handbook

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