The Visual Experience

eBook Class Set, High School Zoom
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eBook Class Set, High School
By Jack Hobbs, Richard Salome, and Ken Vieth

With our dynamic eBooks you can:

  • Zoom in on any image up to 300%.
  • View thumbnails of every page.
  • Search the books for any keyword, such as the name of an artist, theme, or specific element or principle.
  • Instantly share lessons with colleagues, parents, or teachers.

Each eBook subscription includes the Teacher’s Edition and instant access to each program’s reproducible masters.

Your eBook Class Set purchase includes:

  • Student eBook
  • Teacher’s Edition eBook.
  • Reproducible Masters.
  • ePortfolios for you and your students.
  • Curriculum Builder.
  • 30 student accounts
  • 50 digital fine art images to supplement the studio explorations in the eBook.

You will also receive access to the digital edition of SchoolArts magazine.