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Ictinus Kallicrate and Phidias (Greece, ca.440BC)
Between 447BC and 436BC, Ictinus, Kallicrates, and Phidias designed, decorated, and supervised construction of the Parthenon, a temple to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Although there are few records of how the work was divided, the architects were Ictinus and Kallicrates. Phidias was general supervisor and created much of the sculpture, including the huge ivory and gold statue of Athena.

Indiana, Robert (United States, b.1928)
Indiana's works are created in the Pop Art style. Many works incorporate letters and common images from billboards and traffic signs. His images are usually painted with bright, clear colors and well-defined edges. He has also worked on poster designs and with a variety of two and three-dimensional media.

Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique (France, 1780-1867)
The painter Ingres was a child prodigy. He entered art school at eleven and began studying with the painter David at seventeen. He is best known for his portraits, which show great attention to details such as texture and flesh. Ingres was also a marvelous draftsman, and he drew his portraits first before he painted them.

Innes, George (United States, 1825-1894)
George Innes admired the work of the Hudson River School, a group of landscape painters in America. Although his landscapes were faithful to nature, he was more concerned with the general effect of a place than the specific details. He created peaceful moods using muted colors and values massed together to produce a definite feeling of place and time. His gentle landscapes reflect his quiet personality.

Isozaki, Arata (Japan, b.1931)
Headquartered in Japan, the firm of Arata Isozaki has designed buildings in Asia, Europe, and North America. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles was Isozaki's first major commission outside of Japan. Situated on a narrow site in downtown Los Angeles, the project was difficult. However, Isozaki solved his site problem by clustering the galleries around a sunken courtyard.

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