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Teacher's Edition

A comprehensive art appreciation program

The Visual Experience is a complete visual art curriculum that integrates art history, aesthetics, criticism, and production. The Teacher’s Edition does your preparation for you.

The Teacher's Edition includes:

  • Correlations to the National Visual Arts Standards
  • Wrap-around Format
  • At-a-glance Chapter Organizers
  • Clear Lesson Organizations
  • Individual Needs and Interdisciplinary Support
  • Technology Focus
  • Ancillary Resources at Point-of-Use
  • More contemporary art
  • Step-by-step art criticism in every major chapter
  • Writing emphasized throughout.

Teacher's Edition Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction to Art
Chapter 1 & 2 Organizer
Chapter 1: What Is Art?
Chapter 2: How Should We Look at Art?

Part Two: Elements of Art and Principles of Design
Chapter 3: Organizer
Chapter 3: Line
Chapter 4: Organizer
Chapter 4: Shape and Form
Chapter 5: Organizer
Chapter 5: Value and Color
Chapter 6: Organizer
Chapter 6: Space
Chapter 7: Organizer
Chapter 7: Texture
Chapter 8: Organizer
Chapter 8: Principles of Design

Part Three: Art Media and Careers
Chapter 9: Organizer
Chapter 9: 2-D Media
Chapter 10: Organizer
Chapter 10: 3-D Media
Chapter 11: Organizer
Chapter 11: Architecture
Chapter 12: Organizer
Chapter 12: Careers in Art

Part Four: Art History
Chapter 13: Organizer
Chapter 13: Non-Western Art History I
Chapter 14: Organizer
Chapter 14: Non-Western Art History II
Chapter 15: Organizer
Chapter 15: Western Art History I
Chapter 16: Organizer
Chapter 16: Western Art History II

Part Five: Resources
Student Handbook
Glossary and Pronunciation Guide

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