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Student Book

The complete contemporary visual arts program that encourages research, analysis, and problem solving

The Visual Experience is the leading art appreciation program in the country, with more images of student artwork, art by women artists, and contemporary and multicultural art than any comparable high school program. The new Third Edition includes 45 all-new studio activities from Ken Vieth, many modeled by him in the accompanying Studio in Action video and DVD. A dynamic set of ancillary materials, including step-by-step support for art criticism, history, aesthetics, and artmaking, make this program a best-seller!

Student Book

A wealth of images and studio activities:

  • 45 ALL-NEW Ken Vieth Art Studios, many modeled on DVD and video
  • More art images, including Art21 artists
  • More artist biographies
  • Step-by-step art criticism
  • Student Handbook with step-by-step basic techniques

Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction to Art
Chapter 1: What Is Art?
Chapter 2: How Should We Look at Art?

Part Two: Elements of Art and Principles of Design
Chapter 3: Line
Chapter 4: Shape and Form
Chapter 5: Value and Color
Chapter 6: Space
Chapter 7: Texture
Chapter 8: Principles of Design

Part Three: Art Media and careers
Chapter 9: 2-D Media
Chapter 10: 3-D Media
Chapter 11: Architecture
Chapter 12: Careers in Art

Part Four: Art History
Chapter 13: Non-Western Art History I
Chapter 14: Non-Western Art History II
Chapter 15: Western Art History I
Chapter 16: Western Art History II

Part Five: Resources
Studio Handbook
Glossary with Pronunciation Guide

Tags: Jack Hobbs, Richard Salome, Ken Vieth, The Visual Experience, Student Book, high school, art appreciation, curriculum
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