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Catalog #: 632-6
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Teacher's Edition

A visually dynamic and extensive resource covering all sculpture media.

Beginning Sculpture explores traditional sculpting methods as well as the latest tools and techniques. It covers a diverse range of media including wood, metal, stone, paper, clay and mixed media. Studios are designed to enhance student learning and nurture self-discovery.

In addition to providing a full-sized student page, the annotated, spiral-bound Teacher's Edition is designed to help tailor classroom instruction to the unique classroom needs. A menu of easily identifiable icons and descriptive headings help in selecting the teaching tip, learning strategy, or background note that suits the lesson best.

  • In-depth understanding promoted through timely research projects
  • Internet tips and computer connections, offer the use of technology for alternative teaching plans and assignments
  • Art Criticism discussions encourage students to describe, analyze, interpret and judge works of art.

Teacher's Edition: Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Sculpture
Chapter 2: Modeling
Chapter 3: Molding
Chapter 4: Casting
Chapter 5: Carving
Chapter 6: Construction and Assemblage
Chapter 7: Installation and Collaboration
Chapter 8: Portfolio, Exhibition, Education, Career

Tags: Arthur Williams, sculpture, teacher's edition
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